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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Fishing report by Jim Boyd


JIM BOYD - angling journalist/photographer

Issued by Jim Boyd on behalf of the following fisheries on Monday 30 April  2018. The report is for the week ending Sunday, 29 April 2018 2018.

1. FRANDY (Gleneagles). Jane Wright & Dionne Roberts from Cove and Kilcreggan had 9 fish for 19lbs and released 16, Gordon Price & Keith Findell, Kilmacolm, 10 for 24lbs 12oz and released 26, Fraser & Gregor Young, Johnstone, 10 for 25lbs and released 15, Brian & Xin Xin Cameron, Menstrie, 3 for 7lbs and released 2 and Ian MacEchern & Jim McIntosh from Fort William kept 4 fish for 10lbs and released a further 2. Donald McPherson from Crieff had a brace for 6lbs – best 4lbs and released 8, Jim & Crawford McEwan, Newmains caught and released 32 fish, Paul Monder, Auchterarder, 2 for 7lbs and released 4, Robert Peden, Kelty, 2 for 5lbs and released 8 and Robert Westwater from Lenzie had 2 for 4lbs and put back 8.
On the angling club front Pentland Civil Service took 42 fish for 100lbs 6oz and released 60, the Priory AC had 29 for 73lbs, Stanley AC, 23 for 59lbs and released 17, Edinburgh Masonic AC took 12 for 27lbs 4oz, Leslie & Glenrothes AC had 24 fish for 61lbs 4oz and released 40 whilst Kelty Artisan had 14 fish for 30lbs 8oz.
The top taking flies and lures included the Leggy Bloodworm, Dawson’s Olive, Damsel, Dabblers and the Mirage Cormorant whilst all areas of the water continue to fish well.

2. ORCHILL FISHERY (Braco) Ivor Campbell from Aberfoyle had a brace for 8lbs – best a 6lb blue on an Ally McCoist, John Score, Alloa, 3 fish for 13lbs on a Black Nomad, Allan Birrell, Alloa, 3 fish for 11lb on a Black Fritz, Dave Lawson, Methven, 3 for 8lbs 4oz on a Gismo and Harry Graham from Glenrothes used a Green & Black Bug to take a brace weighing 8lbs.William Heurer from Stirling took 2 fish for 6lbs 8oz on a Black Rabbit, R Hardie, Kinross, 4 fish for 12lbs on a Red McGregor, Joe Thain, Callander, 3 fish for 13lbs 8oz on an Orange Fritz, B Thain, Callander, 3 fish
for 10 lbs Orange Fritz and M Lyon from Brighton’s  caught 4 for 14lbs 12oz on a Yellow Dancer. J McNicol from Brighton’s had 4 fish weighing 11lbs 12oz on a Yellow Ecstasy whilst Hugh McLean from Oban took 3 fish for 8lbs 8oz on a Diawl Bach.

3. FORBES OF KINGENNIE (Broughty Ferry) From Spring to almost Summer and then back to Winter within the space of three days. No wonder catches were up and down throughout the week. Andy Rutherford was king of the Boathouse returning 15 fish in a fairly short evening session; most were caught on Dries or Buzzers. Mr. Hogg returned 9 on a catch/release ticket with the best fish estimated at 9lbs. Mr. Maitland took three fish for a total of 9lbs 8oz; Mr. Lloyd had two fish for 10lbs (with the bigger fish being a fine brownie weighing 7lbs) and Mr. Patterson returned two with the better fish being a well-conditioned rainbow estimated at 8lbs. With water clarity being good the better catches were on smallish flies – Dries, Nymphs and Buzzers. On the Burnside Pool, Scott Watson showed the way releasing a dozen fish whilst Mr. Thompson followed closely with eleven. On the big fish side of things, Mr. Docherty took a superb rainbow weighing 10lbs. Buzzers had their moments but a large number of fish were caught using various flies fished under a bung. When conditions were favourable the Bankside Pool fished extremely well. Jock Leslie returned 14 fish taken on a mixture of dries and buzzers. Grant Burnett released 11 and Frank Sherriff returned 8 fish. Favoured patterns included Yellow Owl, various Buzzer imitations (mainly olive or black) and Diawl Bachs. The any legal method pool, the Woodside, showed an improvement as the temperature started to rise. Powerbait fished beneath a float was again the best option but spinning also contributed well to catches. Raj took nine fish for a total of 16lbs; the Somerville party had six fish for a combined weight of 12lbs; Mr. Warden had four for 8lbs and Mr. Templeton took four fish totalling 7lbs.

4. MARKLE (East Lothian) A couple of heft specimens came off last week with Jackie Hay from Haddington including a fine 8lb rainbow in his catch of 4 taken on Buzzers and Kenny Morrison from Edinburgh used a Dancer to bag one at 7lbs 8oz. Other good catch and release returns included Jimmy Anderson from Musselburgh with 5 on Buzzers, Dave Smith, Dunbar, 5 on a CDC and John Thomson from East Linton had 3 on Buzzers.

5. SWANSWATER (Stirling) It turned cooler again this week with a return to the chilly east winds but the fishing conditions remained excellent especially in the more sheltered areas and on the occasions the wind dropped and the air warmed up a little in the sun.   The fish were generally around 3 to 4 feet down but went deeper during the windiest spells.   The cold nights meant they were deeper in the mornings than later in the day.   Early in the week they were to be found around the island but as the week went on they spread out round the whole of the main area.   Lures, nymphs and wets were all taking fish with the usual favourites – Cat’s Whisker, Dancer, Damsel, Diawl Bach, Bibio, Kate McLaren and Buzzer – all taking plenty of fish.   A wide variety of colours feature in the returns with several Browns and Tigers taken or returned along with Blues, Golds and Rainbows.   The small ponds, which are a bit more sheltered, were also fishing well with quite a number of anglers choosing to fish them in order to escape the worst of the wind. The Fishery is open every day from 8.00am to 9.00pm
Billy Allison, Whitburn, 5 for 13lb 12oz from the small ponds including 4lb 8oz Rainbow and 2 Blues, Ian Ritchie, Bridge of Weir, 5 for 13lb 8oz including a Tiger, Peter Bogle, Bridge of Weir, 5 for 13lb 4oz including a Gold, a Blue and a Tiger and  Danny Doherty, Denny, 5 for 12lb 8oz including 2 Tigers, plus 2 C&R. Mark Gibson, Bridge of Weir, 5 for 12lb 6oz including a Blue and a Tiger, plus 3 C&R, Hugh Meighan, Bridge of Weir, 5 for 12lb 2oz including a Brown, Michael McDonald, Bridge of Weir, 5 for 11lb 4oz including 3 Tigers, Callum Lindsay, Glasgow, 4 for 14lb including 2 Blues, bigger one at 4lb 8oz and a Gold and Frank Barr, Falkirk, 4 for 13lb 8oz including 5lb 8oz Rainbow. Rab Bonar, Alloa, 4 for 12lb, Gareth Mair, Kincardine, 4 for 11lb 12oz including 3lb 4oz Brown, plus 2 C&R, David Alexander, Edinburgh, 4 for 11lb 8oz, David Calder, 3 for 9lb including 5lb Rainbow, John Mathieson, Doune, 3 for 8lb 14oz including 4lb 4oz Brown and 2 Blues and George Dobbie, Glasgow, 3 for 8lb 8oz including 2 Blues. Yvonne Hutton, Edinburgh, 3 for 6lb 12oz, including a Blue, from the small ponds, plus 2 C&R, Douglas Kelly, Glasgow,  2 for 7lb 2oz including 4lb 8oz Rainbow, Robert Park, Glasgow, 2 for 6lb 8oz, Graeme Gillespie, Torrance, 4lb 4oz Brown and Harry Haggarty, Glasgow, in two visits, caught and released 18 including 4 Browns. Kevin Gray, Camelon, caught and released 14, Francis Monaghan caught and released 6, Conor Meiklejohn, Stirling, caught and released 6, Davy Nicholson, Glenrothes, caught and released 6 including a Brown and Tim Gellaitry, Stirling, caught and released 5.