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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Fishing report by Jim Boyd


JIM BOYD - angling journalist/photographer

Issued by Jim Boyd on behalf of the following fisheries on Tuesday 26 March 2018. The report is for the week ending Sunday, 25 March 2018.

1. FRANDY (Gleneagles). Unfortunately the ‘Beast from the East’ deposited rather a lot of snow in the Frandy area resulting in the opening being delayed for quite a while but happily it is now well and truly open for the 2018 season. Due to the very cold conditions angling numbers have been a bit down but those who took the drive up into the Ochills were well rewarded. Craig Mason from Falkirk kept 3 fish weighing 11lb, Archie Miller, Perth, 2 fish for 6lb 4oz, Jim Donnelly, Tullibody 2 fish for 5lb 12oz and released a further 4 and Bobby Paterson from St Ninians had 4 on C+R. Albert McKinnes from Tullibody caught 4 on a C+R ticket, Mark Paterson, St Ninians, 4 on C+R and Raymond Pirrie from Tullibody caught and released 5. On the angling club front St Peters Fly Fishers kept 19 fish weighing 60lb 8oz, Bridge of Allan AC 76 took 9 fish weighing 25lb and the Ayr Travellers caught and released 12. 
The top taking flies and lures included the Blue Flash Olive Damsel, Black Zonker, Ace of Spades and the Cut Throat Cat whilst the best fishing area was on the South Shore from the Fishery Lodge to the Dam Wall.

2. ORCHILL LOCH (Braco) It seemed like the start of summer last week with five days of glorious sunshine but unfortunately the cold nights and winds is not letting the water warm up so the fish have been taking just under the surface when it is calm but when the cold wind is on they are lying 4-5 feet down.
Included amongst the best bags last week was K McKinnon from Cowdenbeath with a brace weighing 6lbs 4oz on a Diawl Bach, Keith Hunter, Tullibody, 3 fish for 9 lbs Damsel on a Damsel, Kong, Crieff 2 fish for 6lbs on a Yellow Dancer and Craig Peattie from Glenrothes used an Apps Bloodworm to take 2 for 5lbs.  John Brindley from Liverpool had 2 for 6lbs on an Ally, P Fleming, Methil, 3 fish for 9lbs on an Orange Dancer and Bob Garvie from Lennoxtown had 2 for 7lbs on Wee Spiders. W Dunnachie from Falkirk caught 2 for 6lbs 8oz on a Diawl Bach, P Jones, Crieff, 2 fish for 6lbs 8oz on a Bibio and G Cullinan from Edinburgh managed 2 for 6lbs on a Damsel.


4. MARKLE (East Lothian) Like most other fishers footfall has been a bit under par but things are now getting back to normal with H Manson from McMerry taking 4 on a Black Lure and Jimmy Anderson from Musselburgh used a Black & Green lure to take 3. Davy Savage from Edinburgh had 2 on a Black Rabbit, Davy Smith, Dunbar 2 on a Yellow Dancer and George and Susan Hill from Edinburgh had 12 on a Green Peter. Ken Morrison from Edinburgh used a Bloodworm to catch and release 2 and Keir Baikie from Ballancrieff had 5 on a Hot Head Ace of Spades. 

5. SWANSWATER (Stirling) Despite it being another cold week, the fishing remained pretty good.   Water temperature started the week at 2oC but rose to 5.5oC by Saturday.   At the start of the week the fish were generally deep and mainly in the main area of Swanswater.   As the week went on they came up in the water and some were to be found in the top 2 feet of the water.  Early in the week, an intermediate line fished with lures or Buzzers was the best tactic, with floating or intermediate with nymphs or wet flies doing well towards the weekend.   Favourite patterns included Cat’s Whisker, Cut-throat Cat, Dancer, Ace of Spades, Bibio, Kate McLaren, Damsel, Snatcher and Spider. The biggest fish landed this week was a superb 5lb 4oz Gold taken by Nan Morrison on her first outing after a number of weeks forced absence due to the weather. The Fishery is now open from 8.00am to 7.00pm every day.
A selection of this week’s bags includes Nan Morrison, Stirling, 3 for 11lb 8oz including 2 Golds, bigger one at 5lb 4oz, Rab Bonar, Alloa, 5 for 15lb including a Blue and a Brown, Danny Doherty, Denny, 5 for 13lb, plus 1 C&R and Barry Henderson, Sauchie, 4 for 13lb 8oz including a Blue, plus 3 C&R. Chris Kerr, East Kilbride, 4 for 11lb 12oz including a Tiger, Kyle Crossan, Stirling, 4 for 11lb 8oz, Willie Nyguist, Stirling, 4 for 11lb 4oz including a Blue, Gareth Mair, Kincardine, 4 for 11lb including a Brown, plus 9 C&R on two other visits and Alan Armstrong, Dollar, 3 for 9lb including a Gold, plus 4 C&R. Robert Park, Glasgow, 3 for 9lb, Darren Cockburn, Kinglassie, 3 for 8lb including a Blue and a Brown, George Dobbie, Glasgow, 3 for 7lb including a Blue and a Tiger, Chris Nicolson, Kinglassie, 2 for 8lb including a Blue, plus 1 C&R and Colin Copeman, Falkirk, 2 for 6lb 8oz including a Gold. Jim Allan, Kilsyth, 2 for 4lb 8oz including a Brown, Davy Quinn, Dunfermline, caught and released 10, Conor Bernard caught and released 6 and Brian Lockie, caught and released 4 including 2 Tigers and a Brown estimated at 8lb.