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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Fishing report by Jim Boyd


JIM BOYD - angling journalist/photographer

Issued by Jim Boyd on behalf of the following fisheries on Monday 09 October 2017. The report is for the week ending Sunday, 08 October 2017.

1. FRANDY (Gleneagles). Eric Fox & Jamie Pyper from Edinburgh kept 10 fish weighing 31lb and released a further 19, Billy Thomson & Tosh Stewart, Auchterarder, 10 fish weighing 25lb 4oz and Robin Eadie from Kinross caught and released 8. Tom Monaghan from Stirling caught and released 6, Paul Mondor, Auchterarder, had 2 fish weighing 7lb 12oz and released 2 and George McCulloch from Armadale kept 3 fish weighing 9lb.
On the angling club front Foresters Fishing Syndicate kept 12 fish weighing 31lb 8oz and released a further 9, Gartmore A/C 37 fish for 90lb 11oz and released 7, Rainbow Warriors A/C kept 29 fish weighing 78lb 2oz and released 37, Perth Ex-Servicemen’s A/C 11 fish weighing 27lb and the ABC&D A/C took 22 fish for 49lb.
The Hot Head Damsel, Cormorants, Cats Whisker, Kate Maclaren and the Coral Dancer were the top flies and all areas continue to fish well.

2. ORCHILL LOCH (Braco) On Saturday the Northfield AC from Edinburgh had a good day taking 29 fish for 86 lbs with Steven Wilson having the heaviest basket with 4 fish weighing 14lbs 8oz on a Damsel. Graham Russell from Dunblane was delighted to catch his heaviest fish a lovely 12 pounder in his 2 fish for 15 lbs on an Orange Cat, Bill Dawson Dollar took a 10 pounder on an Ace of Spades and Hector Wilson from Bannockburn caught 3 fish weighing 14lbs 12oz – best 8lbs on a Wotsit. J Malcolmson from Cumbernauld used a Dry Daddy to bag 4 for 11lbs, Donald Blyth, Doune, 2 fish for 8lbs on a Spider and Sedge, Bob Garvie, Lennoxtown, 3 fish for 9lbs 8oz on Wee Spiders and Angus Inglis from Callander had a brace for 6lbs on Sedge. W Paton from Kilsyth took 3 fish for 9lbs 8oz on a Black Zonker, David Heuchan, Riverside AC, 4 fish for 12lbs on a Green Buzzer, Jim McKay, Riverside AC 2 fish for 8 lbs on a Green Buzzer and Jim Linton from Moodiesburn used a Fab to catch 4 fish for 13lbs 8oz. Jim Jarvis from Larbert had 4 for 14lbs on a Green Fab.

3. FORBES OF KINGENNIE (Broughty Ferry) Kingennie witnessed a wide range of weather conditions during the week and the catch results reflected this on the fly-only and the any-legal-method ponds. On the Boathouse Mr. Eagan took four fish for a total of 13lbs and returned a further three, Mr. Clark had two fish for 11lbs 4oz with one at 8lbs and Mr. Walker also did well with two fish for 11lbs including one at 7lbs 8oz. On the catch and release side of things Messrs. Millington and McClay both returned ten fish each. Several fish fell to dries (Yellow Owl and Shipman’s) whilst others were taken on Buzzers, Cormorants and small lures. The Burnside Pool fished steadily on most days. Mr. Watson returned 10 fish; George Birse returned 9 and Angus Dixon released 8. Dries and buzzers took most of the fish although small lures did achieve some success. Although the Bankside Pool was less heavily fished there were still some decent returns. Nick Soave had two fish for 8lbs with the bigger one weighing 6lbs 4oz, Ian Gordon returned ten fish on catch and release and Mr. Cunningham returned eight. Lures (Black/green patterns or damsels) and Cormorants accounted for the majority of the fish. Powerbait, fished beneath a float again reigned supreme on the Woodside Pool, although several decent fish were landed on small spinners. On Saturday seventeen anglers took 30 fish for a combined weight of 76lbs 8oz and Sunday also produced an outstanding result with twenty-nine anglers taking 41 fish totalling 90lbs.

4. MARKLE (East Lothian) John Daly from Edinburgh had 10 on lures, Paul Rae, Hawick, 9 on a Grizzle Cat, George Boag, Edinburgh, 7 on Blobs, Jimmy Anderson, Musselburgh, 4 on Buzzers and David Bullen from Edinburgh used Dries to take 6. Kenny Morrison from Edinburgh had 6 on Buzzers, John Thomson, Edinburgh, 4 on Buzzers, Derek Powell, Haddington, 6 on a Rabbit and Joe Beattie from Edinburgh had 7 on a CDC.

5. SWANSWATER (Stirling) The fishing continues to be very good with the fish generally in the top two feet of the water.   Some anglers, particularly those fishing from boats, were going deeper and also having success.   Small natural flies doing as well as anything just now with fish taking nymphs, wets and still some dries. Water clarity is excellent and the temperature is sitting at 10oC.    The catch returns do not always tell the full story with many fish following and chasing but not taking, being hooked and lost or just being seen actively moving just below the surface.   Plenty of Golds and Blues feature in the returns along with some bigger Rainbows.    The Brown trout season has now finished and all Browns must now be carefully returned to the water. The Fishery is now open every day from 8.00am to 6.30pm.
Harry Dickinson, Edinburgh 5 for 19lb 10oz including 9lb 3oz Rainbow and a Gold, Bill Yuill, Dalkeith, 5 for 17lb 4oz including 5lb 4oz Rainbow, a Blue and a Gold, Barry Hamilton, Glasgow, 5 for 15lb 4oz including 2 Golds and a Blue, Willie Martin, Stirling, 5 for 15lb, David Tunnah, Edinburgh, 5 for 14lb and David Grierson, Edinburgh, 5 Golds for 13lb 6oz. Colin Coperman, Armadale, 5 for 12lb including 2 Browns, a Blue and a Gold, George Dobbie, Glasgow, 4 for 11lb including a Gold and a Brown, plus 4 C&R, Darren Hill, Alva, 4 for 10lb 8oz including 2 Golds and a Blue, plus 3 C&R, Danny Doherty, Denny, 4 for 10lb including 2 Blues and 2 Golds, plus 2 C&R and Robert Smith, Falkirk, 3 for 11lb 4oz including a Gold, plus 2 C&R. Nan Morrison, Stirling, 3 for 9lb 4oz including a Gold, Tam Baillie, Kincardine, 3 for 9lb including a Gold, plus 1 C&R, Frank Barr, Falkirk, 3 for 9lb, plus 5 C&R, Chris Tunnah, Edinburgh, 3 for 8lb 12oz, including a Blue, Willie Torrance, Glasgow, 3 for 8lb 8oz including a Gold and Henry Fulton, Greenock, 2 for 7lb. Andy Tervit, Paisley, 4lb Rainbow, Zach Neufeld, in two visits, caught and released 24, Steven Brown, Airdrie, in two visits, caught and released 15, Brian Eadie, Cowie, fishing the small ponds, caught and released 14 and Geoff Gilbert, Isle of Man, caught and released 11. Jordan Duncan, Denny, caught and released 7, Bill Henderson, Coatbridge, caught and released 7 and 7 members of Mayfly Angling Club, Edinburgh, landed 27 fish for 82lb 13oz.

6. WOODBURN (Milton of Campsie) Robert Rankin from Kilsyth caught 3 for 9lbs, Mr Haughton, Glasgow 2 for 8lbs on C+R, Mr. Thomson 4 for 11lbs, Mr Clark, Glasgow, 4 for 10lbs and returned a 14lb rainbow and Mr O'Reilly from Glasgow took 3 for 9lbs 9oz. Ian Crilley from Glasgow caught 2 for 6lbs, Matt Angus, 3 for 21lbs 4oz with a large rainbow being returned, Mark Clinton, Kilsyth, 4 for 12lbs, Ryan Smith, 6 for 21lbs and Peter Clark from Kilsyth took  4 for 11lbs. Jock Irvine from Kilsyth had 2 for 20lbs on C+R one at 12lbs and the other at 8lbs, Stephen Lee 3 for 13lb plus a returned 8lb rainbow, Mr Clark, Glasgow, 3 for 9lbs 8oz, Mr Greg from Cumbernauld had a brace for 7lbs and returned a 4lb brown and Mr Northock from  Irvine  had 4 weighing 10lb + 4 C/R – largest 12lbs.