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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Lake fishing report

Lake of Menteith 25th Sept 2017
Water Temp at 6ft 13.C, Secci Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 1m
Neilston ‘B’ Scottish Club Champions
After 12 heats involving 139 teams and 417 anglers - and two knock out stages; James Litster, Tam Burnett and Brian MacKenzie backed up their fishing credentials with a comprehensive win in the Scottish Club championship Finals at the Lake - also pictured is Euan Birrell of sponsors Loch Lomond Malt Whisky. Neilston B caught 33 fsih, 8 more than their nearest rivals Lintrathen A (Neil Anderson, Mike Cordiner and Chris McAllister). Top Rod on the day was James Litster with 14 fish and new National Champ Brian MacKenzie was second top with 13 fish. James had five in Lochend, 3 in Hotel Bay and 6 at Gateside and Malling.

The algae was knocked down into the water column last Thursday after a cold night (3C) and the Lake was seen to be at turnover point with large areas of deeper clear water coming to the surface. Turnover happens every autumn as cold nights cool the lake’s surface to the same temperature as the cold bottom layers (12C?). When this happens a little bit of wind can completely revolve the layers of water in the Lake – and bury the algae. However subsequent mild nights and flat calm days halted the turnover and allowed the buoyant algae to ascend back to the surface layers. The prevailing wind over the last few days has been South East and this has led to a build up of surface algae in the North West Shores (Malling and Gateside). Hot spots are currently in the South east and east of the Lake. Stirling Council’s Environmental Health advice is that fishing should be for catch and release only. Prof. Lawton in Aberdeen has analysed the algae and it is non toxic – as is the norm at the Lake. We will hopefully be returning to catch and release soon when the bloom dissipates with attainment of thorough autumnal mixing or when the council’s advice is relaxed.