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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Fishing report by Jim Boyd


JIM BOYD - angling journalist/photographer

Issued by Jim Boyd on behalf of the following fisheries on Monday 11 September 2017. The report is for the week ending Sunday, 10 September 2017.

1. FRANDY (Gleneagles). The top catching flies last week included the Kate McLaren, Daddy Longlegs, Bibio Hoppers, Cormorants Coral Dancer, Olive Damsel and Sedge Muddlers whilst the north shore from the start of dogleg to the dam wall was the top hot spot.
On the individual front Jamie & Douglas Ralfs from Dunning kept 3 fish weighing 7lb 8oz, Billy Thomson, Auchterarder, 5 fish weighing 11lb 8oz and released a further 2, Kenny Baird, Tillicoultry, 2 fish for 5lb and released 2. Jim Keatings, Wishaw, 2 fish for 5lb 4oz and released 6 and Eddie Carlaw from Edinburgh and Jim Carlaw, Kinghorn kept 4 fish weighing 10lb. Paul Mondor from Auchterarder 1 fish weighing 4lb, Fraser Renwick & Mike Cordiner, Stirling caught and released 14, Kenny Rodger, Auchterarder, 4 fish for 9lb 8oz and Paul McLean from Dunoon kept 2 fish weighing 5lb 14oz.
The West of Scotland A/C kept 3 fish weighing 8lb, Western A/C fishing over 2 days took 15 fish weighing 38lb and released 32, SPRA (North) 18 fish weighing 42lb 1oz and released 10 and Wiremill A/C kept 29 fish weighing 68lb 6oz.  Kelvinside Academicals retained 17 fish weighing 40lb 6oz and released 6, Grangemouth Railway A/C caught and released 3, Perth Ex Servicemen’s A/C kept 5 fish weighing 13lb 8oz and Edinburgh Masonic A/C took 10 fish weighing 27lb.

2. ORCHILL LOCH (Braco) Once gain there has been a wide variety of flies catching fish but Jock Esplin's Ally has been doing particularly well. D Conlan from Alloa had a great brace weighing 13lbs 12oz on an Ally with the best tipping the scales at 8lbs 1oz, C McCarra, Alloa, 2 fish for 7lbs on an Ally, N Turnbull, Ardgour, 4 fish for 14lbs – best 5lbs 78oz on a Sedge and J Mackie from Bannockburn took 3 fish weighing 14lbs – heaviest 6lbs on a Blob,  J Low, Cambusbarron, 3 for 15lbs 8oz – best 5lbs 8oz 0n a Damsel, K McKinnon, Cowdenbeath, 2 fish for 6lbs on a Floating Ant and Ian Wilkie from Auchterarder used a Cut Throat Cat to take a brace weighing 6lbs. A Mitchell from Stirling had 3 for 10lbs on a Yellow owl and B Turnbull from Ardgour took 3 for 13lbs 4oz on Dries.



5. SWANSWATER (Stirling) There was a lot of sport enjoyed at Swanswater this week, although there was plenty of frustration as well.   The fishing continues to improve but it is still a bit stop, start.   The fish were switching on and off, moving up and down in the water, and to be found all over the pond at different times.   The number of fish caught was small in comparison to the number of takes, misses and losses.   The Golds are possibly providing the most sport as they can be targeted but it is still a big challenge to get them to take the fly.   Big dry flies were more successful than small dries and wets, and small lures at various depths were also working well.   Various retrieves were also working with a fast retrieve needed to pull dries across the surface.    A large variety of flies were successful including Ally McCoist, Cat’s Whisker, Dancer, Nomad, Damsel, Beetle, Bibio, Buzzer, Sedge, Hopper, and Muddler. The Fishery is now closing at 8.00pm every evening.
Alex Botezatu, Stirling, 2 for 11lb including 7lb 4oz Rainbow, Barry Hamilton, Muirhead, 4 for 11lb 8oz including 3 Golds, biggest one at 4lb 4oz, Cameron Brown, 3 for 8lb 8oz including 2 Golds, plus 2 C&R, Frank Barr, Falkirk, in two visits, 6 for 15lb 8oz including 4 Golds, plus 8 C&R and Tom Martin, in two visits, 6 for 14lb 8oz including 2 Browns and 2 Golds. Tam Baillie, Kincardine, 3 Golds for 7lb 8oz, William Williams, Alloa, 3 for 7lb from the Meadow Pond including a Gold and a Blue and Francis Monaghan 2 for 7lb 8oz including a Gold. Chris Godfrey, 4lb Rainbow, Andy McBride, in two visits, caught and released 18 and Jordan Duncan, Denny, caught and released 6.