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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fishing report by Jim Boyd


JIM BOYD - angling journalist/photographer

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Issued by Jim Boyd on behalf of the following fisheries on Monday, 30 July 2012
The following reports are for the week ending Sunday, 29 July, 2012.

1. FRANDY (Gleneagles) John Reid & Karl Seddon from Kinross kept 11 fish

weighing 28lb, John Ramsay (Blackford) 4 fish for 10lb, George Keith & Tam

Langdon (Dunfermline) 6 fish for 12lb, Brian Simmons (Edinburgh) kept 3 fish

weighing 9lb 4oz and Jimmy Little & Frank Corbett from Prestwick) fishing with a

sporting ticket caught and released 20 good fish.

On the club front Dunfermline Artisan A/C kept 22 fish weighing 48lb, Priory Club 4

fish for 4lb 8oz, Tullibole A/C had 4 fish for 6lb and Denny & District A/C kept 6 fish

weighing 15lb.

The best catching flies and lures have included Muddlers, Various Blobs, Kate

McLaren, Daddy Longlegs, CDC Hoppers and Heather Flies whilst all areas continue

to fish well.

2. FORBES OF KINGENNIE (Broughty Ferry) The changeability of the weather has

again dictated results at Kingennie but when conditions have been favourable there

has been some excellent returns. Large numbers of fish have been seen cruising

just below the surface but with natural food abounding in the water it has often been

difficult to tempt fish and somewhat frustrating to watch them continuously avoid

the angler’s flies. It has been even more frustrating, but awesome to see the visiting

Osprey catching a trout within a few minutes of arriving at the complex!

Most anglers visiting the Boathouse Pool have achieved their bag limits but the

really big fish have proved rather elusive. Hot Head Damsels, small lures and even

small dry flies have all produced results, with fish averaging around 4.50lbs.

Huge numbers of fish have been evident on the Burnside Pool with morning

sessions proving more productive. Again a variety of small Lures, Dries and Buzzers,

have all had their moments. Young Robert returned 18 fish on catch and release.

The Bankside Pool has been somewhat moody but when anglers have found the

right fly then good catches have been taken. Diawl Bachs and Daddy Longlegs have

been amongst the more successful patterns with fish averaging around 2.50lbs.

Some substantially bigger have been sighted on several occasions, with a couple

managing to escape after having been briefly hooked.

The Woodside Pool has produced some excellent returns with a good number of

fish in excess of 2lbs. The best return from all anglers for a single day was 36 fish

weighing in at 65lbs 12oz Powerbait (lime green or orange), spinners, maggots and

worms have all taken fish.



5. ORCHILL LOCH (Braco) The water has been fishing well with plenty of fish being

caught on a wide variety of dries, buzzers and lures. Dries have been doing well on

the top although sometimes they are taking the small fly on the dropper just under

the surface.

the surface so it is the angler's skill against all the natural feeding just now!

Anglers have been enjoying lots of good sport with lots of moving on

Jim Prentice from Tullibody had 4 fish weighing 12lbs - best 5lbs 8oz on a Montana,

Alex Fitzsimmons, Fintry, 3 for 8lbs on a Damsel, Nigel Barnes, Perth, 2 for 9lbs on

a Damsel, Frank Malkiewicz, Tullibody, 4 for 9lbs 12oz on a Damsel and Wilson Orr,

Tullibody, ha 4 fish for 9lbs 8oz on a Daddy Longlegs. William Smith from Menstrie

took a brace for 9lbs – best 6lbs on a lack Fritz, Jimmy Young, Alloa, 3 for 8lbs on

Dies, Graham King, Almondbank, 2 for 8lbs on a Kate McLaren and Ian Sloan rom

Almondbank bagged a brace for 8lbson a Coral Fritz. Hamish Carmichael from


a Bibio, Kenny MacLeod, Perth, 2 for 5lbs on a Hare’s Ear, James Conroy, Stirling,

2 for 10lbs 4oz on Buzzers and eleven year old Cameron Smith from Stirling took 3

fish tipping the scales at 8lbs 8oz on a Cat’s Whisker.

used a Coral Fritz to take 2 for 8lbs, Fay MacLeod, Perth, 2 for 7lbs on

6. SWANSWATER (Stirling) Two of the biggest blues of the year were caught this

week, Jimmy Clougherty from Glasgow landed one at 10lb 2oz and Colin Brown

from Sauchie just missed out on a double with his lovely 9lb 15oz fish, both were

caught from the island on Buzzer and Snatcher respectively. Browns are being

caught all around the ponds but Tigers are still tending to hang around the inlets of

the ponds. The fish are generally lying in the top 2 feet and are still following flies in.

The boats seemed an advantage on breezier days, while the bank performed better

on calmer days. Plenty fish were seen rising on the small ponds but appeared less

so on Swanswater. All the usual lures, including Damsel, Dancer and Cats Whisker

have been doing well along with smaller flies such as, Kate McLaren, Bibio, Diawl

Bach, Snatcher and Buzzer. A few fish have been taken on dries including Sedge

and suspender Buzzer.

Jimmy Clougherty, Glasgow, 3 for 16lb 4oz including 10lb2oz Blue, Colin Brown,

Sauchie, 3 for 15lb 8oz including 9lb 15oz Blue, Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, in 2 visits

7 for 22lb 8oz including 3Blues and a Brown, Keith Lewis, South Queensferry, 5 for

16lb 8oz including a Blue and a Tiger and Gary Waugh, Cumbernauld, 5 for 14lb

4oz including 3 Blues and 2 Browns. Frank Barr, Falkirk, in 2 visits, 8 for 23lb 8oz

including 5 Blues and a light Blue, Mike Barker, Stirling, in 2 visits, 6 for 16lb 8oz

including 5 Tigers, Danny Doherty, Denny, 4 for 13lb including 3 Blues and a Tiger

and Alec Peachey, Scone, 4 for 12lb 8oz including 2 Blues. Willie Martin, Stirling, 4

for 12lb, Stevie Long, Balloch, 4 for 11lb 8oz including 2 Blues and a Brown, Peter

Paterson, Menstrie, 3 for 10lb 4oz including a Blue and a Tiger and Peter O’Brien,

Camelon, 3 for 9lb 10oz including 3 Browns. Tom Brunton, Bellshill, 3 for 9lb 8oz

including a Blue, Tom Pate, Alloa, 3 for 9lb 4oz including 2 Blues, Frank Turner,

Alloa, 3 for 9lb 4oz including a light Blue and Martin Smart, Milton of Campsie, 3 for

9lb including a light Blue. Billy Weir, Stirling, 2 for 7lb including 2 Tigers, Jim Denny,

Dunipace, 2 for 7lb including 2 Blues, Stuart Galloway, Bannockburn, 2 for 6lb 8oz,

Mark Anderson, Kilsyth, 2 from Millpond for 10lb 4oz including 8lb Blue and a light

Blue and David Harvey, Cumbernauld, 8lb 12oz Rainbow.